U.S. Navy Fires First Tomahawk Cruise Missiles From New Submarine Payload Tubes

U.S. Navy Fires First Tomahawk Cruise Missiles From New Submarine Payload Tubes

For the first time, the U.S. Navy test fired two Raytheon (NYSE: RTN)-built Tomahawk cruise missiles from new submarine payload tubes on the Virginia-class USS North Dakota (SSN-784).

The tests, in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida, proved the submarine's ability to load, carry and vertically launch Tomahawk missiles from the new Block III Virginia Payload Tube. The upgraded tubes feature fewer parts and will be even more reliable.

In addition to the new payload tubes, the Navy is also developing a new Virginia Payload Module. The new modules will triple the number of Tomahawk missiles that Virginia-class submarines can carry, dramatically increasing each sub's firepower.

"As the Navy continues to modernize its subs, Raytheon continues to modernize Tomahawk, keeping this one-of-a-kind weapon well ahead of the threat," said Mike Jarrett, Raytheon Air Warfare Systems vice president.  "Today's Tomahawk is a far cry from its predecessors and tomorrow's missile will feature even more capability, giving our sailors the edge they need for decades to come."

The U.S. Navy continues to upgrade the Tomahawk Block IV's communications and navigation capabilities, while adding a multi-mode seeker so it can hit high-value moving targets at sea. These modernized Tomahawks are on track to deploy beginning in 2019 and will be in the U.S. Navy inventory beyond 2040.

Fired in combat more than 2,300 times, Tomahawk cruise missiles are used by U.S. and British forces to defeat integrated air defense systems and conduct long-range precision strike missions against high-value targets. Surface ships and other classes of submarines can carry more than 100 Tomahawks when needed.  

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Defence Secretary Reveals Name Of First Type 26 As Manufacture Begins

The UK Defence Secretary has revealed HMS Glasgow will be the name of the first of eight City class Type 26 frigates as he cut her first piece of steel at Govan shipyard in Scotland today. HMS Glasgow will enter service with the Royal Navy in the mid 2020s.

24-07-2017 Sea Defense News

U.S. Navy Fires First Tomahawk Cruise Missiles From New Submarine Payload Tubes

For the first time, the U.S. Navy test fired two Raytheon (NYSE: RTN)-built Tomahawk cruise missiles from new submarine payload tubes on the Virginia-class USS North Dakota (SSN-784).

18-07-2017 Sea Defense News

US Navy Selects Northrop Grumman For Ship Self-Defense System

The U.S. Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) a $12 million task order for a full range of engineering services to continue modernizing the Ship Self-Defense System Mark 2 (SSDS MK2). The contract has a potential value of $61 million over five years, if all options are exercised. SSDS MK2 is a combat system designed for anti-air defense of U.S. and coalition partner aircraft carriers and amphibious ships. The system coordinates the ship's existing...

22-07-2014 Sea Defense News

Aegis Combat System’s Newest Baseline Demonstrates Over The Horizon CapabilityIn Series Of 3 Tests

The Lockheed Martin and U.S. Navy team’s Baseline 9 Aegis Combat System recently completed multiple exercises including the longest-range engagement ever tested with a Standard Missile-6 (SM-6). This is the first major series of tests for the integrated air and missile defense (IAMD)-equipped USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53), and highlights the system’s accuracy in identifying and destroying threats from beyond the radar horizon. The first of three Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFC-CA) exercises...

12-07-2014 Sea Defense News

Successful Simultaneous Manned, Unmanned Helicopter Flight Tests Aboard the Littoral Combat Ship

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) and the U.S. Navy successfully flew the unmanned MQ-8B Fire Scout simultaneously with the MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter for the first time. The capability demonstrates how a mix of aircraft can increase a ship commander's intelligence-gathering capabilities aboard the Littoral Combat Ship. The flight tests took place May 12, aboard the USS Freedom (LCS 1) off the coast of San Diego. Fire Scout complements the Sea Hawk because it can fly longer...

12-06-2014 Sea Defense News

Northrop Grumman Receives Funding for Electronic Warfare Systems for U.S. Army, Navy

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has received funding to produce pre-production units of the APR-39D(V)2 radar warning receiver (RWR)/electronic warfare management system (EWMS). Under terms of the joint services contract with the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, Northrop Grumman will produce 18 APR-39D(V)2 units. Delivery is anticipated in late 2014 to begin hardware-software and platform integration testing in 2015. The Northrop Grumman APR-39D(V)2 RWR/ EWMS is designed to maximize survivability by improving aircrew situational awareness via interactive...

11-06-2014 Sea Defense News

US Navy Achieves Initial Operating Capability On Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System

The U.S. Navy has achieved initial operational capability (IOC) on the MK-60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System that includes the Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) Griffin missile. The milestone comes as the Navy continues to conduct littoral security operations in areas that require an immediate and precise response to confirmed threats. The MK-60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System includes a proven laser targeting system, a Navy-designed launcher and battle management system combined with Raytheon's combat-proven Griffin missile. "The...

26-03-2014 Sea Defense News

£300m Facilities Investment Will Transform UK Submarine Building

More than £300M will be invested in the BAE Systems Barrow-in-Furness site, in a major redevelopment that will transform its submarine building capabilities. The eight-year programme, which will employ approximately 850 contractors at its peak, includes both new build facilities and the refurbishment of existing infrastructure in preparation for the construction of a successor to the Vanguard class. Tony Johns, Managing Director of BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines, said: “Redevelopment of the site is fundamental to...

18-03-2014 Sea Defense News

Raytheon Awarded $35 Million Minehunting Sonar Contract

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded $35.5 million to provide the U.S. Navy with AN/AQS-20A minehunting sonar systems and equipment. The system leverages advanced sonar technologies to support the Navy's critical minehunting missions, ensuring safe access and passage for military and civilian vessels on the world's oceans and waterways. Deployed from the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) as the variable depth sonar for the AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System (RMS), the AN/AQS-20A system is towed undersea to...

03-03-2014 Sea Defense News

Success For Surface Ship Support

BAE Systems has signed a £6million contract to extend its support to Warships. This extension to the existing phase two service contract will allow the continuation of its Class Output Management (COM) and Design Management Services (DMS) which offer through life, global support to ships. The Class Output Management and Design Services Teams are responsible for providing a one stop shop of support to HMS Illustrious, the Hunt Class and the Type 23 Class warships as...

03-02-2014 Sea Defense News

Work Commences On River Class Contract

Work is underway on the new £22m contract to support and provide maintenance to the Royal Navy’s River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs). Following a successful track record of supporting these Portsmouth based ships for over a decade and after a competitive tender process, BAE Systems was awarded the contract in September, guaranteeing the work for the next five years. The maintenance contract will provide the Royal Navy with 320 operationally available days per ship per...

23-01-2014 Sea Defense News

Illustrious Two-Thirds Of The Way Home As She Passes Through Suez

HMS Illustrious has passed through the Suez Canal and is now hot-footing across the Mediterranean for her delayed homecoming. The sailors and their families missed a united Christmas after the helicopter carrier was diverted to the Philippines to help people affected by a typhoon. This is a sight to cheer the sailors of HMS Illustrious and their families – the great carrier passing through Suez. The Portsmouth-based warship is now two-thirds of her way home from...

04-01-2014 Sea Defense News

BAE Systems £22 Million Contract Win For The Support And Maintenance Of The Royal Navy's River Class…

BAE Systems has a successful track record of supporting the UK’s Ministry of Defence Portsmouth based ships over the last ten years. Following a competitive tender process run by DE&S Commercially Supported Shipping, BAE Systems was awarded the contract for the next five years to 2018. The Contracting for Availability (CFA) service for the River Class will provide the Royal Navy with 320 operationally available days per ship per year. This will enable the ships to...

15-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Anti-Ship Missile Prototype Successfully Conducts First Solo Test Flight

Adversaries’ sophisticated air defense systems can make it difficult for current air- and surface-launched anti-ship missiles to hit their targets at long range. To engage specific enemy warships from beyond the reach of counter-fire systems, warfighters may require launching multiple missiles or employing overhead targeting assets such as radar-equipped planes or Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites—resources that may not always be available. To help address these challenges, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and...

15-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Australia And Malaysia Complete Maritime Security Exercise

Approximately 300 Royal Australian Navy and Royal Malaysian Navy personnel have concluded the maritime security exercise, Exercise Mastex. The Australian ANZAC Class Frigate, HMAS Ballarat, joined the Lekiu Class Frigate KD Lekiu in the North Malacca Straits for the week long bilateral maritime exercise. Mastex provided both navies with the opportunity to improve understanding of how the other operates in common aspects of naval warfare. Commanding Officer Ballarat, Commander Matthew Doornbos RAN, said the exercise was...

12-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Australian Navy Welcomes International Warships For Fleet Review

The Royal Australian Navy will welcome over twenty international warships to a variety of Australian ports in the lead up to October’s International Fleet Review in Sydney. The warships will each make operational visits to other Australian ports for customs clearance and logistics resupply prior to arriving in Sydney to participate in the review. While the ships will not be open to the public during their logistics visits, there are opportunities to visit them in...

12-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Raytheon Awarded $136.2 Million Phalanx Upgrade Contract

The U.S. Navy awarded Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) a $136.2 million contract for federal FY13 to remanufacture, overhaul and upgrade 19 Phalanx Close-in Weapon Systems and produce four SeaRAM Anti-ship Missile Defense Systems. This contract includes a $94.8 million option for FY14 covering an additional 12 Phalanx and four SeaRAM systems. The option, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of the contract to $231 million. "Phalanx is a vital ship self-defense system, providing the critical...

11-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Lockheed Martin’s Latest Aegis Combat System Evolution Demonstrates Extended Line Of Sight Capabilit…

The Lockheed Martin and U.S. Navy team’s Aegis Combat System successfully completed the first live firing test that proves the system can defend beyond its line of sight by integrating data from a remote sensor to intercept a target. The latest Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFC-CA) test marks the first test at sea, and the second consecutive time this year, where Aegis used remote data to successfully intercept a target. Using the...

09-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Northrop Grumman Awarded Navy Performance Based Logistics Contract

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has received a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contract from Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, to continue its 24/7 support of the U.S. Navy fleet for three shipboard systems. Under the not-to-exceed $24.8 million one-year contract, Northrop Grumman will provide 150 PBL repair assembly kits and spare parts for the WSN-7 ring laser gyro, the AN/BPS-15/16 submarine radar detecting and range set, and the DDG steering and scalable integrated bridge...

09-09-2013 Sea Defense News

Lockheed Martin’s paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb Successfully Employed in Navy Exercises

Lockheed Martin’s Paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb (DMLGB) was successfully employed in recent U.S. Navy Tactics Development exercises at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center in Fallon, Nev. During four missions over a two-day period, F/A-18C/D Hornets and F/A-18E/F Super Hornets released 36 GBU-12F/B bombs fitted with recently upgraded paveway II DMLGB guidance kits. The weapons were used in tactically representative engagements against fixed targets and met all mission success...

05-09-2013 Sea Defense News

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